How to prepare your soil for spring gardening

It may still feel like winter outside, but soon it will be spring, which means one thing for gardeners – soil preparation! Before you can nurture new plants in your glorious garden this season, you’ll need to focus on creating a nutrient-rich environment that helps support their growth. Here is a step-by-step guide to helping get your soil prepped and ready for all the beautiful blooms ahead.

Clear out rocks and other debrisEco friendly gardening.

Rocky soil is a fact of life for Midwest gardeners. Before planting this spring, you must remove rocks and other debris to create an excellent growing environment. Remove large stones first, then use a straight rake to remove surface rocks.

Loosen and aerate the soil

Aerating your soil can be a beneficial step in gardening. It’s important to loosen and aerate the soil at least 8 inches down so that water, oxygen, and other essential nutrients can reach the roots of your plants. This ensures that not only will your plants be watered properly, but they’ll also have access to the proper nutrients for their health and growth. Plus, with good aeration through the soil, you can prevent soil compaction, leading to poor drainage and inhibited root growth. Aerating can be easy with a garden fork or shovel, so make sure you tend to it regularly for successful plant growth!

Apply soil amendments

After you aerate, add soil amendments like topsoil and compost to provide beneficial nutrients to get your plants off to the best start. Depending on the current state of your soil, it can easily be worked into already established gardens or used to fill deficiencies in an already poor soil structure. It’s recommended that when you select the topsoil and compost for use in your garden, be sure it does not contain any inorganic particles and does not have a strong odor.

An additional guideline to look for is that it has been STA certified, so you know it meets quality standards. These steps will help ensure you provide the right nutrition for optimum plant growth!

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