5 Tips For Helping Your Trees Recover From Winter

March is here and while winter isn’t quite done with us yet, spring is only a few weeks away. With freezing temperatures, ice, and snow, your trees have seen it all and could use a little help recovering from the winter.

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To help your trees recover from the long, harsh winter, follow these five tips:

Assess Any Potential Damage

Accumulated snow on your trees makes it difficult to tell if your tree suffered any damage over the winter. When the snow and ice has melted from your trees, check your trees for damage:

  • Cracked or broken branches
  • Sun scald
  • Root damage

If your trees are showing signs of damage, call Hansen’s Tree Service today. A professional arborist will come to your home to evaluate your trees and discuss treatment options with you.

Remove Dead & Dying Branches

Branches that are dead, dying, or broken need to be pruned from the tree. If not, they are at risk of breaking off and falling, potentially injuring people and property. When pruning, do not top your trees! This will cause damage like sunburn and can attract pests and disease.

If your tree is determined by a certified arborist to be dead, it is recommended to remove it. Contact a professional tree service to have them safely removed.

Apply Soil Injected Fertilizer

March is a good time to apply soil injected fertilizer to your trees. This method is beneficial in that it stays in place and can be custom blended to meet the needs of your trees.

Remember to not apply too much fertilizer as it can burn your trees, resulting in browning leaves and roots.

Water Your Trees

If the winter was particularly dry, your trees could benefit from a good watering. Before you water your trees, make sure that they actually need it. To do this, stick a screwdriver into the soil around your tree. If it comes out dry, your trees should be watered.

Watering your trees will also help flush away excess salt and other chemicals.

Schedule An Appointment With An ISA Certified Arborist

To help your trees recover from winter, the best thing you can do is schedule an appointment with an ISA Certified Arborist from a professional tree service like Hansen’s Tree Service.

Our professional arborists will inspect your trees for you and offer a hassle free estimate. Then, they will discuss the best treatments with your trees with you so you can make an informed decision.

Get Your Trees Ready For Spring!

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